Family Support

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Our family support extends traditional therapy and counselling including having a presence during transitional periods, offering impromptu support, and preemptive training. 


Therapy Partners' tried and tested whole system approach includes the active involvement of families to enable the best possible outcomes for the children and young people, their families and the school as a whole.

  • Open evenings presence
  • Support through transitions
  • Family & individual therapy
  • Opportunities to attend professionals training
  • Mediation


We live our lives through our relationships.

Research into what matters most to people consistently finds that close relationships, especially family relationships, rank higher than anything else.

Our sense of who we are is intimately associated with our relationships – both to other people and the contexts in which we live.

When relationships do not give us what we need, we lose our sense of comfort and confidence about the person that we are. When relationships go seriously wrong, powerful psychological process come to operate. Often not in full awareness, and often with unwanted consequences. Much psychological distress is a result of these processes.


What we can offer


Working closely with families within the school is very important. We would be present at open evenings/days to introduce ourselves and what we do in conjunction with Invicta. Offering a mental health and wellbeing service to students is unprecedented and a wonderful way to show parents how important our children and young people are.


Divorce, moving home or school, a young person in therapy, many things can have an impact on the family and relationships as a whole. Everything we do is relational, and everything that happens to us has an impact on other aspects of our lives. Students who are attending individual therapy may also benefit from family therapy, as may families as a whole.


Where appropriate, training sessions can be open to parents who wish to attend, or held separately. Talks can be given on options, open and parent evenings to concerned parents on how to help their children cope with changes


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