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Tranquil Therapy Rooms in Poundbury

ImageYour Wellbeing Partners offering Counselling and Psychotherapy  in Poundbury, Weymouth and across  Dorset

Therapy Partners are  a team of fully trained and accredited multi-agency professionals offering a variety of services to suit your needs, including, Therapy and Counselling,  Coaching ,Training, Workplace Wellbeing Consultations, Support for  Business. Schools  and Education.

We have a very successful base in Kent and have recently expanded into the South West with a newly developed office in Poundbury. We have a great team including Doctors, Psychologists, Counsellors and Therapists and we cover a wide range of modalities. We also offer a confidential private mental health service with quick referral and effective treatment to support Individuals, couples, groups and families. We also work in Partnership with a private local GP service to help support your physical health too !


We are keen to develop partnerships to provide wider therapeutic options to the communities of Dorset and work with health professionals supporting the aims of improved health and well-being.

Who Are Therapy Partners

Therapy Partners is a team of fully trained and accredited multi-agency professionals offering a variety of services to suit your needs, including;


Dorset Clinic Address

Prospect House
Business Centre Office F5
41 Peverell Avenue East
Poundbury, Dorchester

0845 527 4809




  • Sessions with a counselling practitioner - from £40

  • Individual Therapy Sessions - from £70

  • Specialised Individual Therapy Session (See More Below) - from £95

  • Couples Sessions - from £95

  • Family Therapy - from £48pp minimum charge 2 people 

  • Peer support eating disorders £55.00

  • Clinical Assessments/sessions with Psychologist - from £395

  • Clinical Assessment with a Psychiatrist - From £595.00

We may also be able to offer some concessions based on individual circumstances. Please contact us to see if we can help.

We offer a successful and accredited specialist Eating Disorders Service, including a wrap-around package of initial assessment including a written report (starting at £325.00) and ongoing CBT-E sessions costing between £95-£145.00 per session.

Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation with your therapist, identify key issues, and ascertain the way forward together.

Therapy & Counselling Testimonials

From the start, I’ve found it very easy to discuss my issues and inner thoughts with Alan of Therapy Partners. The Consultation Sessions have been held in a very relaxing atmosphere and Alan has listened intently before providing sound guidance and advice about possible actions I should consider implementing to help me overcome or reduce the impact of the issues affecting my life. Added to that, there’s been no form filling or time pressure placed upon me to achieve any specific targets. I’m well pleased with my experience of Therapy Partners.

Jeff, Dorset, Dec 2022


I was very reluctant at first and didn’t want to talk as I didn't see what the point was. Donna then became relatable, showed interest in my hobbies but more importantly talked to me more like someone my age rather than an adult. As a result of this I opened up, confided in Donna and to my surprise found our sessions helpful. I got lots of useful tips from Donna on how to deal with certain situations and my feelings. I'll recommend and will visit again if I need to at any point in the future.



5 stars “Therapy Partners were professional and excellent service during one of the hardest periods of my life, I was able to learn a lot about myself with the support of my counsellor.”

Phoebe, Dorset


I went to Claire at Therapy partners after being diagnosed with depression & anxiety. I was so down, feeling worthless & no good to anyone it was affecting my life, my husbands & even the kids. it took 3 years but Claire was amazing in helping me address my mental health issues & I'm now in the best place I have been for probably 30 years. She has literally saved my life, my marriage & my relationship with my kids. She is amazing & I will forever be in her debt



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