Men2 Mental Health Support Groups

In 2023 it is NOT acceptable that men still have little to no accessible and safe environments to talk openly about their challenges.   

We want to encourage men to talk about any issues they may be facing including daily struggles, drinking problems, relationship issues, mental health or to just come and listen and talk about life in general with a group of peers.

With much talk about how mental health and social support is needed in the news and media, yet little frontline support, there is clearly a massive need to take action. Alan Hayes and Marcus Walters  qualified therapists from Therapy Partners came up with the idea of a support group/movement for men - Men 2.

Why? Because the facts are shocking!

  • In the UK, the highest suicide rate was for men aged 45-49
  • In the UK, men are three times as likely to take their own lives than women
  • Suicide is still the single biggest killer of young British men

What makes Men 2 different?

  1. Facilitated by professionally qualified and trained therapists experienced in running therapeutic groups

  2. Run by men, for men

  3. Mental Health First Aid experts

  4. People with first-hand experience of similar challenges 

  5. Passionate about enabling men to have their voice heard in a safe environment

  6. Educational, practical talks on subjects including relationships, addiction, mental health, domestic violence and self-esteem

Who is men 2 for?

We encourage any men who have experienced mental health issues or are facing or have faced challenges to attend, whether it be to share their stories, inspire others, or to get out of the house and socialise with like-minded people. With our uncertain times its important fot men 2 Talk. 

Men are all too often taught we don’t talk, we don’t want to drop our mask and let people know our fears and problems, we often suppress emotions, we become someone who we don’t even know.

We want local communities to break this cycle, to encourage men that it's OK to talk, to let our fellow men know we are here and we are in this together. All it takes is 2 Men to start a conversation.

Our meetings are held but in person and  online and are usually currently on Thursdays at 19.00 GMT contact us to find out more and request a link to the online group. You can also find us on facebook. 



We are currently making some changes to improve our Men2 group. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to welcome any new members at this time. However, please feel free to contact us again in January 2024 when we will be able to advise you about our new and improved options for group support. In the meantime, you can explore the other services we offer here.

For more information or to book an initial assessment

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