Eating Disorder Specialists

Therapy Parnerts offer a family focused, whole-system, specialist and evidence-based support approach for young people who are are struggling with an eating disorder. We also train school pupils and personnel, youth workers and frontline clinicians in awareness and intervention.

We go beyond the reach of existing and traditional provision by providing early support that protects the emotional health and mental wellbeing of young people with an addictive and self-destructive problem.

Our aim:

To offer hope and inspiration for recovery by putting the young people themselves, and their families' needs, at the core of our service. We achieve this by working in partnership with them to provide holistic, effective, bespoke, appropriate and timely support so that:

  • they can all find alternative coping mechanisms in times of stress and anxiety
  • they can create their own community of strong and sustainable support beyond our intervention
  • as a result of our support on their road to recovery, the young people can go on to lead happy, healthy and independent lives
  • collectively, we can all raise awareness by helping others to understand the complexity and serious implications of an eating disorder
  • collectively, we can challenge stigma and discrimination
  • collectively, we can positively influence statutory eating disorder provision, both now and in the future.

Our services include:

  • 1:1 support sessions with a young person
  • family support sessions that include parents/carers, siblings and/or grandparents
  • assembly talks and pupil workshops in schools
  • training sessions for teachers/parents/carers/sector professionals and charity personnel
  • peer to peer support training sessions so that young people can learn now to help each other and so that families can buddy up with each other
  • educational videos created by beneficiaries that deal with challenges and how to overcome them, such as exam stress or eating in public

Our skills and experience:

  • Our experienced team of associates comprises: an integrative/systemic family therapist, a relationship counsellor, a clinical psychologist, a management/social work/therapy consultant, a nutritionist, a psychotherapist, a style coach, an art psychotherapist, a life coach/NLP practitioner, a cognitive behaviour psychotherapist, an addiction therapist, a humanistic therapist, a humanistic counsellor and CBT/CBT-E counsellors.
  • All therapists have trained in the New Maudsley Method (caring for a loved one with an eating disorder). They receive extensive training on outcomes, outcome tools/measure, and evaluation data, and have regular ongoing clinical supervision and continued professional development training (CPD). 

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