Supervision for Therapists & Counsellors

Ethically, supervision is expected regardless of your professional experience, and also required by most professional bodies including the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Each professional body will have their own requirement for the level of supervision undertaken but this is usually monthly as a minimum with supplementary supervision based on case load.

What is Supervision?

Supervision is the exploration of the therapy process and relationship, in order to provide greater insight and understanding, to oversee caseload and to ensure practice efficacy. Your career aspirations, issues and professional development will also be reviewed.

Supervision can be individual – yourself and a supervisor acting as a consultant or conducted in a group. Group supervision is with a supervisor and several others; each participant brings a case(s) for review and peers may also offer their individual insights. Group supervision is often a good way to supplement individual supervision if your case load is high and is generally more cost effective. Group peer supervision is where therapists reflect on each other’s work this can be a useful adjunct to your regular one to one supervision.


Why supervision?

Supervision is of the utmost importance in your professional role for several reasons:

  1. facilitating best practice
  2. offering an opportunity for learning and development
  3. encouraging self-reflection on your practice, and interventions
  4. noticing transference and countertransference and unconscious processes
  5. giving you support and validation
  6. enabling exploration in a safe environment


Why with Therapy Partners?

Our therapists are trained and experienced in supervision to provide the best professional service possible. Supervision is conducted in the location that suits you best, we can provide a safe and comfortable environment in our Maidstone offices, travel to you, or meet via video call. Accessible, affordable, essential.

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