Relationship Coaching

Introduction to Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching involves working with two or more people whose lives are connected to improve the quality of their relationship. The main objective is to increase the effectiveness of the relationship so that all of those involved are able to achieve their individual and collective goals.

Many of the problems experienced within relationships result from people being self-focused, and not fully appreciating the needs, wants and ambitions of others. This could be because people are unable or unwilling to express them. It may also be that things have changed and the assumptions that underpin the relationship no longer reflect the reality of the current situation.

We look at the issues each person is facing and then consider how this might impact on the others. By exploring the way each person communicates we can ensure they are able to accurately express what is important to them in a way that can be fully understood.  Having a skilled coach at the table encourages people to authentically examine their wants and needs as well as their ambitions for the relationship. As all of this takes place in real time there is every opportunity to unpick the beliefs and values of each individual and consider what affect they might be having. Cultural and psychological factors can also be influential so it may be useful to take time to work out their significance within the dynamic of the relationship.

This form of coaching can be effective for people in a wide variety of relationships such as business partners or colleagues, as well as those in romantic or family relationships. It can be applied in a number of settings, wherever two or more people are committed to a shared goal.


Benefits of Relationship Coaching

The objective of this form of coaching is to make the relationship more effective. How this is defined will vary depending on the nature of the relationship and the people involved and clarifying these shared goals and aspirations is an important first step in getting any relationship back on track.

The first objective is to improve the level of understanding so that people are clear about their own needs and desires for the relationship and those of the other people. We would then look at communication and how authentically people are able to share these hopes and fears within the relationship and that each can fully appreciate the impact they have on the others. By challenging assumptions, we can ensure there is an up to date understanding of the current state of play and that everyone is focussing on the same outcomes.  It is also important that people feel able to express dissent or dissatisfaction during any discussions and so we would look to establish a mutually acceptable method for conflict to be expressed, understood and resolved.

Through this process we would expect those within the relationship to achieve clarity of purpose and shared ambitions that aim to meet individual as well as collective needs.  We would also be looking to ensure a deeper mutual understanding and a commitment to an agreed way of working so that the relationship is able to continue to evolve in response to any future changes.

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