Eating Disorder Awareness Training

Therapy Partners recognised that there was a need for the support that we had offered to continue past our pilot project for eating disorder support and treatment. From this experience we understood that early intervention was of paramount importance as the chance of having a successful and positive outcome was more likely the less entrenched a client had become within their behaviours.

With this in mind we acknowledged that in fact raising awareness of Eating Disorders was equally important and we are now able to offer training in this area to help to increase awareness of the various styles of Eating Disorders and the behaviours that may be adopted. Our training covers the following topics and can be adapted to particular needs; 

  • Spotting the signs
  • What causes an eating disorder
  • Possible triggers
  • Supporting a loved one
  • Carer styles
  • Body image
  • Mental and physical impact of disordered eating 
  • Impact of disordered eating on relationships
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